Antique watch maintenance

Some Antique Watch Maintenance Method

Antique watch maintenance?/h4>

The antique watch maintenance is the most difficult in the word , in fact, the watch does not require a normal and annual maintenance by watch clean oil, if properly maintained in good condition, during 5 years even or 10 years , you can maintain it only one time . An experienced, conscientious teacher can make sure that your watch will be cleaned carefuilly in each part , With the advanced technology now, you can use the ultrasound technology to help you clean Hidden corners ? Finally, use different the high-level oil in different parts , because oil is not easy to be dry, it can keep the axis in the normal condition, next,you can use the Measuring machine to measure that your watch's orientation difference and correct the pendulum deflection of the watch.

Antique watch collection and investment?/span>

If one person want to fake antique watch and keep people in the dark,it means that he is a genius or he is a idiot, but it worth to buy. Because the normal mechanical watches, it has handureds of spare parts ,and it requires very precise machining machine tools and special dedicated machine, and hundred of precision molds. From the design, development, investment, production,you can konw that generally people can't finish it ,and there are few countries has this advanced technology. In short, the antique watch isn't the general antique, if a person with determination want to defrauded the watch, you will be difficult to detect the truth, unless you are an expert. every part of the antique watch manufacturing worth a lot of money except the loading,so it's impossible to defrauded the watch.

Identification of the watch's year is not difficult to know, pocket watch only has four hundred years history . the historic watch can been found in watchmaker's manual, and the different numbers in different shapes stand the mark in different years. About 1830 , some famous manufacturer has its own number in that years , you can easily find out the year from the distinctive number.?/span>

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