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Vacheron Constantin is really a Swiss manufacture of prestige watches along with a brand of the Richemont group. Regarded as by the watches enthusiast as the very best conventional watch maker within the world together with Patek Philippe & Co., Jaeger-LeCoultre and Audemars Piguet.
Its manufacture have 400 people in worldwide, most of whom are based within the manufacturing plants in Geneva and Vallele de Joux. The brand is sold in almost 80 countries around the world, distributed through 15 boutiques that sell no other brand, and over 500 points of sale.

Previous Vacheron Constantin owners include Napoleon Bonaparte, Pope Pius XI, the Duke of Windsor and Harry Truman.

History of the Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin Early Era.

Jean-Marc Vacheron was established predecessor of the “Vacheron Constantin” in Geneva, Swizterland in 1755. This makes it the oldest watch manufacturer within the world with an uninterrupted history. Not only being a young businessman, but also Vacheron was also a talented craftsman. In 1770 his company created the first complication, and nine years later he designed the first engine-turned dials.

Abraham took over the family business in 1785 who is the son of Jean-Marc Vacheron. During this period the company was able to stay alive the French Revolution (1789-1799). Later, in 1810, Jaques-Barthelemy Vacheron, the grandson of the founder, becomes the leader of the company. He was the first to initiate the company’s exports to France and Italy.

At some time, Jaques-Barthelemy realized that he was not able to well-handle his business alone. In order to travel overseas and sell the company’s products, he needed a partner. Therefore, Francois Constantin became the associate of Vacheron, in 1819 . Since then, the company’s name started use that: “Vacheron & Constantin”

Francois Constantin traveled all over the world and marketed watches. Because of this he helped the company get more and more new market share. The main market was Canada And America. The company’s slogan (which remains today), “Do better if possible and that is always possible”, first appeared in Constantin’s letter to Jaques-Barthemy. The letter was dated July 5, 1819.

In 1839 Vacheron & Constantin employed Georges-Auguste Leschot. He start be in charge of supervise the manufacturing operations. Leschot was an inventor and his creations turned out to be successful for the company. His creations had a great great impact on the watchmaking industry in general. He was the first person to standardize movements into Calibers. collection.

In 1844 Georges-Auguste Leschot was awarded with a gold medal. The Arts Society of Geneva highly appreciated his pantographic device, a device that was able to mechanically engrave small watch parts and dials. Because of this invention pushed, The Vacheron & Constantin forward much further than other watch manufacture.Later, death of the Constantin and Vacheron is in 1854 and 1863,, the company was taken over by a series of beneficiaries. At one point, the company was headed by two women.
In 1862 Vacheron Constantin became a member of the Relationship for Research into non-magnetic materials. Later in 1885, the company created the first nonmagnetic timepiece which included a complete lever assortment made of materials able to withstand magnetic fields. Its construction included a balance wheel, balance spring and lever shaft that were made of palladium, the lever arms – in bronze and the break free wheel was in gold.
In 1877 “Vacheron & Constantin, Fabricants, Geneve” became the official name of the company. In 1880, Vacheron & Constantin started using the Maltese cross and is kept till today.. The latter was inspired by a component of the barrel. The part had a cross-shape and it was used for limiting the tension within the mainspring.

Vacheron Constantin Development Era.

Advertising from 1896 promoting their observatory trial results

In 1887, was reorganized into a stock company. It was awarded with a gold medal because of the remarkable achievements of the company at Swiss National Exhibition. The event took place in Geneva in 1887.
Vacheron & Constantin opened the first boutique in Geneva in 1906. This store can be seen today on Quai de l’Ile. During the Great Major depression Vacheron & Constantin found itself in a difficult situation and the only one to bring hope was Charles Constantin. He became the leader of the company in 1936 and it was the first time since 1850s that a representative of the Constantin family received the position of Vacheron & Constantin’s president.
During World War II the company’s sales decreased significantly. However, Vacheron & Constantin was able to come back on the watch market due to Georges Ketter.
To outline the beginning of the 3rd century of its watchmaking the company created Patrimony – the world’s thinnest mechanical watch at that time which had only 5.25mm thickness.

Nowadays Vacheron Constantin.

In 1970 the “&” was dropped from Vacheron & Constantin.

In 1979 Vacheron Constantin made Kallista, one of the most expensive wristwatches. Its original price was $5 million, but today the watch is valued at above $11 million. 118 emerald-cut diamonds equip in Kallista.. It took about 6,000 hours for the watch masters to make this watch and about 20 months for jewelers to enrich the watch.
Vacheron Constantin changed hands from start that Jacques Ketterer died in 1987. However its sales increased and today the company produces about 20,000 timepieces per year. In 1996, Richemont Group bought the entire share capital of the company..
In 2003 Vacheron Constantin introduced a new sports line called Overseas, along with a collection called Egerie, the first to include watches for women.
In 2004 Vacheron Constantin opened its new headquarters and manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva.
The Richemont Group named Juan Carlos Torres as the Chief Executive Officer of the company in October 2005. Vacheron Constantin is regarded as to be company that was able to create one of the most complicated wristwatches in the world entitled “Tour de I’lle”. The company was created new collection in 2005 in order to congratulate the anniversary of 250 years of Vacheron Constantin.. The watch includes 834 parts and 16 horological complications. It was only available through the Vacheron Constantin shop in Geneva, Switzerland and sold for more than $1 million.
In 2007 Vacheron Constantin released the Metiers d’Art ‘Les Masques’ collection of timepieces featuring miniature reproductions of primitive art masks. The company selected twelve masks from a private museum collection and reproduced the masks on a small scale. The miniaturized masks are featured in the dial center of every watch from the ‘Les Masques’ collection.

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